Texas State University - Online Learning Readiness Self Assessment


The following self-assessment will help you determine if online courses are a good fit for you. Read the questions below and answer by selecting one radio button that matches your response. The more honestly you answer the questions, the more accurate your results will be.

To begin, please enter your name and email address:


1. I have access to a personal or shared computer, which I can use anytime to complete course work.

2. My computer is in good condition and is fully functional.

3. I frequently update virus protection software on my computer.

4. I have a reliable, high-speed internet connection.

5. I am comfortable performing basic computer functions such as uploading and downloading files and installing software.

6. I am very efficient at using search engines/help menus to find the information I need.

7. Microsoft Office is installed on my computer, and I am proficient in using it, especially Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

8. I name files carefully and arrange them into folders and subfolders to keep them organized.

9. I have a pair of headphones, a microphone and a webcam.

10. I have used the TRACS Learning Management System before.

Learning Habits

1. I keep track of my upcoming assignments and always turn in my work by the due date.

2. I take responsibility for my own learning.

3. I am aware of skim reading techniques and can efficiently read multiple chapters in a short amount of time.

4. I find it easy to follow written instructions. I understand main ideas and concepts when reading my textbooks.

5. I enjoy learning via different modalities such as by watching videos, listening to lectures and interacting with my peers.

6. I learn better when I see my instructor and peers in person.

7. I think online classes are easier than face-to-face classes.

8. I am willing to work on assignments during weekends.

9. I can dedicate 6-9 hours per week, per course, to complete assignments, quizzes and discussion activities.

10. I need immediate feedback from my professor in order to improve my performance.

Soft Skills

1. I am highly motivated to take an online course.

2. I enjoy thinking ‘out of the box’ to solve problems.

3. I enjoy working in teams and usually get along with my teammates.

4. I am good at expressing my thoughts through written modes of communication (such as email, discussion forums, etc.).

5. I am a procrastinator and often find myself working on projects at the last minute.

6. I enjoy sharing ideas in an online format.

7. I learn best when I figure things out for myself.

8. I try to fix technical issues myself whenever possible but do not hesitate to ask for help if necessary.

9. I get distracted easily even when I am trying to concentrate on the task at hand.


1. I will be managing major commitments such as a full time job while I take this online course.

2. If required, I can come to campus a few times during the semester (for example: for an orientation session or for final exams).

3. I am concerned that absences such as a vacation, wedding, or trip may interfere with me being to able to complete this course.

4. If a major event takes place in my life and I am unable to complete the course, all I need to do is stop logging into the course site.

Once you have answered all the questions, click the 'Am I ready?' button below. This will show compiled results from the assessment and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.